In tech, we really stand on the shoulders of giants. Every website, app or other piece of software is only possible because of the contributions of innovators that came before us and a movement dedicated to freedom of information and open collaboration.

Of course, that means there are always opportunities to “pay it forward” without spending a dime. Whether directly for Midlothian Code or within the broader community, here are some great ways to give back:


Teaching others to code is a great way to continue the spread of coding knowledge and cement your own learning at the same time. We currently offer two main options:

Code Classes

Code classes are 1-3 hour courses offered for free to the general public. They can be on virtually any topic related to code, and geared for any level of experience.

To volunteer to teach a class, please fill out this form or contact Chazona Baum directly to get started:
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Coding Workshops

Coding workshops are 2-5 hour programs offered for free to the general public. They are centered around a small project, like a simple program or web application, that can be built within the 2-5 hour time-frame. Beginner to advanced projects are welcome.

To volunteer to lead a workshop, please fill out this form or contact Chazona Baum directly to get started:
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Free and Open-Source Software

FOSS is a wonderful way to share programming and documenting abilities, learn how team-based software projects work, and boost your own reputation within the community. As needs arise for various programs, plugins, or other software, we will make them available as free and open-source software that anyone can help us build, maintain, and later use.

As we work on FOSS projects, we will list them below:

In the meantime, here are some interesting OSS projects actively seeking contributions:

Prior to contributing to an Open Source Software project, be sure to review their documentation for contribution instructions. All projects we link to will provide information on how you can help out.

Sharing Resources

One of the easiest ways to help out is to share resources like websites and books that helped you learn to code. With each recommendation, please provide a basic summary of the resource or a description of what it helps best with.

To submit a resource that helped you, please fill out the form below so we can review and add it to our resource guides. Note: All resources will be reviewed for quality prior to posting. Submissions are not guaranteed to be approved.
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