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The services we provide and plan to provide in the future are geared toward expanding access to code-based skills and employment and removing barriers to the industry. We focus on Midlothian, Virginia and its nearby communities and counties outside of Richmond, as access to these resources are more scarce outside the city center.

Our goal in providing these services is to help mitigate job loss due to automation and industry changes with increased access to the technologies and jobs that will move Virginia forward. The skills we share are decentralized, and the jobs can often be done flexibly or remotely, making them well-suited to less urban communities.

As we are still in the process of obtaining official nonprofit certification, the services we have been able to add at this time are:

  • Social Coding
  • Learning Resources

If you like what we do and stand for, please consider contributing to our growth or volunteering within our community.

Current and Planned Services

We are still a small, growing organization, but these are the services we intend to offer our local community over time.

Social Coding

Events for learning and practicing code with others who can motivate and offer ways to improve.

Learning Resources

Access to online resources to learn code at home for free, organized, and with explanations for ease of use.

Coding Workshops

Guided opportunities for community members to learn by building their own applications and software.

Learning Library

A free library of modern, relevant books on coding and software development for the community.

Community Makerspace

A local hub for co-working, meetings, and space to experiment with software and other creative tools.

Code Classes

On-site free classes for the community to learn and improve at code and software development.

Bootcamp Scholarships

Assistance for underrepresented groups to attend in-person or remote-intensive coding bootcamps.

Interview Preparation

Interview practice with HR professionals, whiteboard algorithm practice, and other help getting employed.

Play Space

Space within the makerspace for parents to supervise their kids' play while they gain tech skills.

Career Retraining

Help for those in fields being replaced by automation to re-skill into automation, IoT, virtual reality, cybersecurity, etc.

Conference Sponsorship

Sponsoring locals to attend meaningful tech conferences and bring new knowledge and networks to the area.

Recidivism Prevention

Work with community court, jail, and parole systems to provide tech skills and help with job search after incarceration.

Contribute to Your Community

Help us bring these services to our local community and help more people improve their lives.

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