Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help out in a non-monetary way?

There are a number of different ways to help out without spending a dime:

Here at Midlothian Code, you can volunteer to share your knowledge by teaching a class or leading a workshop.

You can contribute to Free and Open-Source Software projects; even things like improving documentation helps so much.

You can also share what worked for you: what resources, books, classes. Free is most accessible, but any recommendations help.

Feel free to check out our Volunteering page to see more about our current volunteer opportunities.

How can I spread awareness of code?

There are so many ways to help spread awareness. Volunteering with Midlothian Code helps our efforts to do the same, but there are numerous additional ways:

Invite a friend to a local Hour of Code kind of event, or show them how to start toying around with the Document-Object-Model using DevTools (that’s always a fun introduction!). If your friend is handy with tools and mechanics, pick them up a Raspberry Pi and a project guide as a gift.

A great way to spread awareness is to introduce otherwise non-coders to Free Code Camp. And be real with people. Don’t try to claim that it’s easy, but it is possible if they’re willing to put the work in and ask for help when needed.

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